Don’t decide everything at the point you know the least

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When I teach Agile Development and Planning in my DevOps course, I like to start off with this quote by :

“I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by”

Whoooshhhh… He’s right! This happens to us all the time; we set a deadline…

You can’t afford not to do it

Unit test cases in Python (Photo by author)

Test Driven Development (TDD) is the practice of writing test cases for the code you wish you had, and then writing the code to make them pass. It sounds counter intuitive. How do you write test cases for code that doesn’t exist yet? Hold that thought for a minute.


If you’re not doing dev… you’re just doing ops

Actual job selection dropdown from a company that thinks DevOps is something Operations does

DevOps Engineer seems to be a job title that causes a fair amount of confusion. Perhaps this is because it’s an anti-pattern. Apparently, a lot of companies think they can hire someone and suddenly become DevOps. They want to “change” without actually changing anything! (except to change the title of…

It depends on your definition of “duties”

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This question almost always comes up when I present the culture of DevOps to customers. After I talk about cross-functional DevOps teams that are responsible to design, develop, build, deploy, and run their own applications they invariably ask, “How do you implement segregation of duties when developers have access to…

Docker containers all the way down

In my article , I showed how I use Vagrant as an orchestrator and VirtualBox as a provider of virtual machines for creating consistent development environments for my students and development teams. That worked really well until Apple released their new 2020 Macs with Apple M1 Silicon

Using Vagrant, VirtualBox, and Docker

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Development teams are up against an age old problem: how do you ensure that your development environment is the same across all of the developers on the team? A less frequent but equally important problem is how long does it take to on-board a new developer to a project? Hours…

John Rofrano

DevOps Champion and Educator

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